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What is a Parish Council        

A Parish Council is a local authority constituted by parliament and wholly governed by legislation. A local council can only do what the law permits it to do. 

Moreton, Bobbingworth and the Lavers Parish Council elects 14 members who serve a term of 4 years. Each councillor must register any interests they may have and agree to abide by the code of conduct.

How much does the Parish Council cost?

Parish Councils are generally the least bureaucratic and cheapest form of government.  It raises the majority of its income from the ‘precept’ i.e. a tax levied on its electors.  In 2022-2023 it was  £22,000 This is the sum that the Council calculated was required to meet the annual cost of running the services it provides at its budget meeting in January 2022.  Each household in the Parish pays a proportion towards the cost. 

How do I find out more about what the Parish Council is doing? 

The Parish Council keeps its residents informed of its activities in a variety of ways.  You can find out what the Parish Council is doing by:

1) coming along to the Parish Council meetings.  Full Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday  of each month,, in either Moreton or Magdalen Laver Village Hall . They provide an opportunity for you to observe the Parish Council as it discusses issues and makes decisions upon matters affecting the community.  There is also a short period at the start of each meeting for residents to participate in a short open forum

2) keeping a check on the notice boards within the Parish

4) reading the minutes and agendas available on the website.

5) Attending the annual parish meeting in March to hear the various reports of key council members and looking at the reports here on the website.

6) contacting one of the councillors or contacting the Clerk. The Clerk is employed on a part-time basis so may not always be available. She will try to respond to any enquiry as quickly as possible.  E-mail, or telephone is the best way of making contact. 

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